7 Fun Beach Activities For Beach Lovers of All Ages

A list of interesting beach toys that will compel a child or an adult to hit the beach more often!

04th Nov
beach toys

Treasure Hunt – Panambur Beach

We will be organizing a Treasure Hunt on Saturday 29th September at Panambur beach....

25th Sep

Skydiving onto Panambur beach

The coastal town is all set for some exciting skydiving at Panambur Beach as part of...

12th Sep

Fun with Water

  As you know we have loaded the beach with fun stuff...

29th Aug

International Kite Festival at Panambur Beach

Mangalore: International Kite Festival Takes to the Skies at Panambur Beach Pics:...

09th Aug

Fight for image make-over, makes beach safer.

It's simple and yet, effective. But most of all, it saves lives while creating livelihoods.

08th Aug