And You are my forever

On October 4, 2015 by Jay



‘This is all I ever asked for, this is all i wanted. You always listen to me, You always get me through’ ‘ I said, when I took the one last stride across her before leaving far away. She? She is pretty, She is alluring, she is elegant, she is the epitome of beauty. I upset her, and she rushes away, But not long she comes back and loves me more. She listens to me and understands me and when i lay my head on her, calms me to assure everything is alright. She is eternal and i see the depth of life and my future in her. She never fails to walk me through and let me enjoy her. She is my ever charming, ever enticing, love of my life.

Is there anyone I meet the most when i come off? Yes, its her and only her. It’s her tides that flow away and come back to promise to be always there. Its only her warmth that’s reassuring, Even though she changes colours with time, she never changes in real, she will always love you. She might rage in anger sometimes but its We who provoke her being selfish. Be it anger, cheer, dismal or torment, the panache she shines makes you exuberant. No matter how many people come by, wherever i go, whatever i do, I will always come back to you. Because you inspire me and you make me feel loved.


Yours, Jay.


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