9 best Sea-food joints in Mangalore

On October 12, 2015 by Ajith Kamath

Talking of Coastal Cities, Mangalore boasts of its own unique cultures, cuisines, architecture and much more. The first thought to strike us here at #hungryforever is obviously the sea food. We did an extensive survey and have found the few places in Mangalore where one must try the Local Cuisine. Yes we are talking about the sea food!

Tracking Restaurants we found several good  authentic fish serving restaurants….

Here goes our list!


1. Machali


Machali is the citys latest addition to authentic fish restaurants.Located behind Ocean Pearl Hotel, this place boasts of some of the finest fish dishes the city has to offer.They are specalisedin authentic GSB Style cooked fish and also serve fish thalis that start at just Rs.30. This place is pretty decently priced and is highly recommended.

2. GiriManjas


Located at Carstreet , Behind Kalikamba temple , Manjanna’s small venture has today boomed into one of the citys most favourite fish restaurants.Some must try dishes here are Anjal masala Fry, Crab Ghee Roast, Crab Roast Fry, manji Tawa Fry and so on….Reasonably priced and ever full this is another must try in mangalore.

3. Narayana’s


Located at Bunder, Narayana’s has captivated enough customers till date.Well famous for his dry deep fried fish , Narayan’s is possibly a link to Mlorean and Keralian Fish Fry.Anjal, Finger Fish, Pomphret again are a must try here.

4. Anupama


Located at Abhiman Residency at Bunts Hostel, Abhiman had been a long favourite among locals for their fish preparations.Infact some locals describe it as the best place for fish. Anupama offers dishes like Prawn Ghee Roast, Anjal Wet Masala Fry, Finger Fish Fry and Fish Curry Meals at just Rs.90. Definitely Worth a Try.

5. Madhuvan’s Village


Located on Airport Road at Yeyyadi, Maduvan’s is very popular a destination for fish Lovers.They offer about any other dish that other Restaurants do but the Anjal Masala fry here is something Unique.The Prawn Onion Fry is also worth a try along with Crab Ghee Roast.Priced a bit steep… Yet worth it…

6. Gajali


On the slopes of the hilly Roads entering the city is another well known name in the sea food industry Gajali, offers an exquiste variety of both local as well as continental fish preparations.Fish such as Lobsters, shrimp, crab,Squids are worth a try here..yet this place we do not recommend for people on a budget!!

7. Mangala at Moti Mahal


is another restaurant that has a decent reputation as long as sea food is concerned.This place is Popular for the Tandoor Fish Dishes they serve and besides another other dish here is just as average.The Tandoor Pomphret here though is a a must try.

8. Hotel Ashwini


Located at Balmatta is a less known place but many a people.who have actully had a meal here describe it as totally worthy and a good place.Known for Prawn Fry, Anjal Fry and Crab Ghee Roast.

9. Gutthu


Located at Falnir- Offers some of the best Shell Fish(neeli) sukka .Besides is very Famous for the dish by name’ Standing Fish, which is a large Fish Cooked and flavoured well as a whole nd served Vertically! A good try!


Well if all the above are still heavy on you’r pocket or you wish to have fish cooked home, you could always visit the Old Harbour on any Morning and buy Fish on a whilesale that works out damn cheap, and enjoy flavours created at home… Because Nothing Tatstes like Homemade food!!!

Stay Hungry Guys!!


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