7 Fun Beach Activities For Beach Lovers of All Ages

On November 4, 2018 by Linsiya Patrao

A beach can mean so many things to one- a good swim, relaxation, sand castles, beach volleyball, etc. But the irony lies in the fact that living in a city with umpteen beaches around doesn’t compel one to head to a beach. So if you happen to live in a tropical city, what better than spending a day at the beach with fun stuff to do?

Beaches today have changed the concept of just lazing around or gazing at the shore. To ensure that you have a fantastic day at the beach, we have assembled a list of 7 best beach toys for kids, adults or your squad of friends.

1. Spikeball

Spikeball is similar to a typical beach volleyball game with the luxury of carrying your own Spikeball set. Unlike volleyball where two teams have to keep the ball over the net, Spikeball requires teams to bounce the ball off the spikeball net to shift it to your opponents. The game can be really fun depending on how you wish to choose the intensity of the game like playing it casually or intensely.

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2. Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set

For the little chefs in your family that enjoy baking or just love frolicking, this sand toy set is sure to keep your kids entertained. With an innovative concept of making playful beach toys for kids, this baking set has different sizes of scoop, a spoon, a sand whisk, a sifter and a bucket.

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks have various sets like a cookie, a molding and a cupcake set that fulfills a child’s basic idea of enjoyment.

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3. Stream Machine Water Launcher

Want to start a water war? This light-weight Stream Machine Water Launcher is going to be your new favorite beach toy. The muzzle of the launcher must be immersed in water- be it a bucket or a pool, with the handle being pushed with minimum effort. The stream of water can be pushed to more than 70 feet away.

As much as it is effortless to load up and fire, one must be extremely careful while targeting it at someone. Refrain from pointing it at kids or on anyone’s eyes as the water pressure can create a discomfort or injury.

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4. Giant Tumbling Timbers

Are you thinking Jenga? Well, this happens to be a larger version of Jenga. The regular game is set indoors and is known to accelerate the intensity of players engaged in the game. We cannot imagine what a Giant Jenga would have in store for us. We like how different this is from the regular adult beach games.

Kids above the age of 8 years are sure to give you company while playing this as this beach game is perfect for people of most ages. This low-intensity and fun beach or yard set is definitely going to be up for grabs.

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5. Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

A regular game played on beaches or parks, frisbee is everyone’s all-time favorite game which involves lots of tossing and running.

But this disc or frisbee comes with a fun element of a large plastic cylinder (the Kan) that serves as a goal. Your partner stands across and helps you bounce the disc into the cylinder. The cylinder has a slit in the front and you instantly win if the disc directly slides into the slit. To give you a better idea of how to play the game, this image below will help you connect the dots.

Beach toys

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6. Singare Octopus Kite

What better place to fly a kite than a beach? Flying a kite is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages making it a favorite among groups of family or friends. The Singare octopus kite is a no-fuss product that is ready-to-use with no assembly required. It is light-weight with colorful streamers and a handle that enables an adult or a child to control the kite easily.

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7. Green Toys Sand Play Set

For kids below the age of 12, a typical toy that will help your child build a castle of his/her own imagination is the Green toys sand play set. Made from recycled plastics, the set includes a bucket with sturdy ropes, a shovel, a rake and stacking cups. If not any other toy, a sand toy as this always manages to engage kids on a sunny day at the beach.

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With adequate options to turn your beach trip into anything but mediocre, what excuse do you now have to visit Panambur Beach? These beach toys are sure to encourage you to step out into the beach more often and create memorable and fun moments with your fellow beach babies!

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